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Updated: May 17, 2023

I am casually freestyle writing this blog so you get a feel of the type of person I am. The following blogs are for SEO purposes.

I am by nature an intuitive empath. It seems to run in the family and after getting attuned for Reiki it took my sensitivity to another level. I had to stop practicing Reiki as I was unsure of the constant energy experiences that were happening on a daily basis.

I worked in the healthcare field and have always loved people. I am a " people person" and enjoy helping others. I am fortunate enough to know this is one of my purposes on earth. Calling myself a "healer'', is an understatement. This being said, I offer an experience that is a little different than most. This is an intimate experience, not a job or a store you walk into get you want and leave. The session would suck.

It's all about our energy exchange, wisdom, understanding, patience, being kind, appreciation, are just a few examples.

I LOVE taking care of my body. I lift weights for years and enjoy organic foods. A hobby of mine is studying natural health remedies and supplementation for a better quality of life. I dry brush my skin daily and only use food oils on my flawless soft skin. I drink raw dandelion tea with manuka honey every day and a glass of cabernet at night. I love animals, even bugs, prefer doing volunteer work rather than go shopping, follow politics and watch the stock market. I have not watched regular TV in over 5 years.


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