I now have a strict NO Review policy. 

Reviews leave a DIGITAL TRAIL and why publicize your activities to be forever engrained in the net that exposes both parties to an unacceptable level of risk. Hackers LOVE review sites to get your personal information.   

 The review sites save your ip addresses,emails, info and so forth for various reasons as you can imagine..They are also not fair as providers can not interject. Some men can be disrespectful, aggressive, are unhygenic, feel entitled to more than what is offered, try to bargain services, and so forth. 

I have been threatened by men I refuse to see that they will write a fake bad review. 

Below are some authentic reviews I saved before my no review policy

FYI- On the site below, you are not allowed more than a 4 star review if you do NOT offer sex.

I can assure these are Authentic Reviews Not written by me, a friend, or as a favor.  I also have real comments from visitors on my twitter about my service if you follow me @Asecretdarling and I have thousands of genuine followers.



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