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No more reviews on forums, please. For MANY reasons I can't discuss here but mostly to keep us private and less exposed.  I have been threatened by people I refuse to see due to a safety concern.  Some get disappointed that I don't perform Sex. I have asked people to leave due to medical/hygenic/mental health concerns. Others frustrated that I'm quite exclusive.  They threaten to write a fake or negative review.  I have removed all the reviews off the internet. If you would like to post a review, please text or email me and I will add it to this site with your consent. The screenshots posted below are from Real board members that have a history of writing reviews.  I added a few of the many unscripted and sporadic texts messages I receive regularly. I have many more I just can't fit it all here I'm not too savy making websites. ( Im going to figure it out and post more soon)  

T The website below does not allow 5-star reviews if you do not offer sex acts. 

 ( A score of 7 is the HIGHEST you can get in performance if you only offer sensual services in the website below ).  

Milking Table Massage New York
Fem Dom Westchester
Milking Table NYC
Tantric Massage Westchester
Screenshot_20220218-094144_Chrome_103906172276818 (1).JPG
bodyrub Westchester
Screenshot_20220218-094322_Chrome (1).JPG
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