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 I am a down to earth, easy going woman that revels in  pleasing others and and being a giver. 

That is the reason I  chose a career in healthcare prior to my Milking Table Adventure!   

I'm a natural born TEASE and I wasn't allowed to play with the boys anymore  starting  at 12 years old.

They were hanging out on bicycles in front of my house all day long!  



I have long silky blonde hair and incredibly soft skin from years of skin brushing.
I don't smoke, have no tattoos, and no body piercings.  The Milf Next Door with a Twist.
I work out daily and have a toned firm physique. You will love how tight my legs are if you decide to caress them! 





Milking Table Tantric Experience - Westchester, Hudson Valley, New York. New Jersey. Fairfield, Connecticut. 



I am a down to earth, sexy, unique American born and raised Mature Milf. 

 5'7,  130 lbs with all-naturally endowed  34Gs on a Slim n Toned physique. 

Tall, Thin, leggy blonde  with a cellulite free perky tight butt.

I am 100% natural and yes I am a real blonde.  

My face is unblemished with a sexy facial features and green eyes.

 I do not smoke, have no tattoos or body piercings.

I am a beautiful - mature - woman. Drama free and life experienced.

Website and photos are 90% done by me. 

If you do not think I am Exactly the woman in the photos, feel free to leave.

I am told my pics don't do me justice. I'm not that photogenic!


** See my Authentic Reviews and policy click here **

 I am a real nurse since 22 years old. Now I am a Naughty Nurse! Being formally trained in the anatomy and physiology of the human body,  I have created


Based on my years of nursing experience.

 I spent a few years in the urology department.  I am a genuine EXPERT of the male genitalia.  Feeling my way around, knowing how much pressure, the rates of stroke.    

I coach men on sexuality and offer advice on male related medical conditions if desired. Did you know blood pressure medication has a common side effect of ED?   


Many of you notice it's hard to get an appointment with me. There is a reason why........

        Good things come to those who wait!   NEW SUPER SPLURGE SESSION .

It's an "out of body experience." 

That will leave you speechless.

Top Shelf Spirits are offered for this session before we start.

How about a Glenifiddich 21 or a Macallan?

Components of my Mutual Touch Milking Tantric Session:

This  Heated Plush Milking Table is hand-made by a friend. It has 6 inches of cushion and an adjustable head brace so your neck doesn't hurt. 

Milking/ Edging/ Tease and Denial. Unparalleled! Over and Over and Over Again.

I enjoy instructing you on orgasm control with my professionally trained hands. I love watching you squirm! As your jewels dangle from the Milking hole.


OR multiple orgasms if you are the type that can handle me. Such satisfaction for me.

How I love to get us heated up doing my Nude Skin to Skin Sensual Bodywork.

I glide my oiled up body and large natural breasts all over you. And your jewels. I will whisper naughty things in your ear.

What is she going to do next?! Well I know but it's a surprise.

I'll work some kinks out with a Spa Quality Massage. I am trained in muscular release and relaxation.

Followed by a Soft Feather Touch Finger Dance on every of your body. 


With your consent, what if I tie you with silk ribbons for a bit on my milking table?

I'll torture you with close views of my beautiful meow as I hover over you. Positioned right over you, teasing every inch of you, withholding orgasm. Kissing and teasing your erect nipples while grasping your engorgement. I have mirrors everywhere.


  Imagine getting a Mind-Blowing Prostate Massage from a Trained Nurse?

I. Take. It. To. Another. Level   

Safe and effective techniques as there are contraindications to performing this.


  I am an HSP.

Highly Sensitive Person. I think this is why my sessions are SO good! I just naturally know where to go and how to touch on your body. Within 5 minutes of a session I usually hear, "Oh you're good"...It's true. Who makes this up for a website?  


     I became Certified level 3 Reiki Practitioner 6 years ago to help my patients. It has enhanced my powerful energy skills for your pleasure and release blockages. Particularly in and around your Genital Chakra.

Take note: Many of you are asking for Reiki.  Authentic Reiki is NOT sexual in nature and prayer is involved. I will perform a traditional reiki session for an extra charge before or after our session.  

My brand is simplistic. I keep it simple BUT significant.  I would much prefer to exceed your expectations when you visit.

Plus I have another job so I don't have alot of time for all the marketing and content work.  

believe it is 100% the energy between us that makes a great session anyway.. It is all about energy exchanges, the connection, between us that make the most pleasurable experiences, nothing more.


I value your time. I never want to be the one and done, I want you coming back for more! This will not be a waste of your time.   Therefore, I am always present and engaged in our time together. 


I have a beautiful fully mirrored private apartment with a steaming hot shower. My place is safe and the epitome of discrete.  I don't share my place with others and there is very little traffic going in and out of here. I have a seperate entrance off the main road in a an affluent neighborhood. The parking is free and easy. 

 I am a 2 minute drive off the parkway. Close to the Airport. A 10 minute walk from the Metro North. 


OR JUST TRY AGAIN. It is difficult to get same day appts with me as I am usually booked.

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Edging -Tease and denial- My favorite!   I recommend no orgasms for at least 48 hours for the best edging experience. 

Prostate -Safe and Effective techniques. I am a trained professional. I have toys for boys or you may bring your own. Humiliation.

Role Play. Step mom, nurse, teacher etc.  




Foot Fetish/heels/stockings


My Sessions are Interactive... I am usually in the nude, or I will wear stockings, heels, or some type of lingerie for you. Or you can bring it.

I'm an Extra Large top, 34G bra and medium/small bottom. Shoes size 8.5 Stockings size B if you would like to gift me.. 


Create your own session!

( Let me know what you would like to experience before your visit )

  You will surrender to me because I specialize and focus on more unique forms of penetration and erotica.     

  This is an extended explosive ultra sensual encounter with a beautiful mature woman that has years of medical experience as a doting nurse.  

                                                      My guests have difficulty walking when they leave.


Being a Licensed Healthcare Provider, I must be Certified in Infection Control Practices.

This means I have Knowledge and Mastery in proper sanitization and person to person prevention/control techniques.

I also do not see many visitors in a day to keep us healthy and to ensure you get me at my best!  Of course, I am vaxxed to the max.

Follow me on TWITTER @Asecretdarling for updates and pics. PLEASE TEXT FIRST OR CALL FOR APPT 914-661-0844. There are no forms and my booking is unintrusive. 

It can be difficult to reach me. Do not take this personally as I don't answer when in session and I have 10 other things going on.  I will return your text or call if you say it is OK to do so.     

PHONE CHAT:🔥🔥 Best by appt. 100.00 ( I am awesome at this) Available anytime but nights are best.

15 min Hot phone chat. 100.00

Examples Below:

Milking Table Fantasy

Threesome experience

Domination or Humiliation

Erotic blow job, romantic advice, life advice

Sexuality  advice.



Instagram @nurseshapely

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Milking Table /Milkinggoddess Gallery

​Bodyrub Westchester, Hudson Valley, New York.
Erotic Massage Westchester.

Milking Table Erotic Massage, in Westchester, New York | Bodyrub| Sensual Massage
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Incall in Westchester, NY

I use a plush heated Tantric Milking Table.  I go UNDER the table for portions of the session.  Some would rather enjoy

looking at me which is fine. 

Let's start off with sensual and soothing strokes all over your body to relax you.

Utilizing on the Milking Table,  I perform an "unparalleled" Lingam Tantric Massage through the hole as you're laying down on the heated Milking Table. 

I will also drive you crazy with lots of edging and Teasing. Over and Over again. 

I incorporate REAL sensual touch and ACTUAL massage during sessions.  


gold dress (2).jpg

Mirrors are strategically placed so you can see my beautiful fit body at various angles throughout the session. I work out regularly with weights for years.  My breasts are a natural 34 G and my body is tight in a feminine way. I'm not a bodybuilder physique.  

Enjoy plenty of skin-to-skin contacts as I perform some Nuru on the milking table.  


Interactive......Mutual touching is allowed and  you may massage me during 90 min sessions for additional.  I do allow oil breast slide release for all sessions with my natural 34 Gs and other options..  90 minutes is best because as you have read here there is a lot I do during a session. 



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Thank you in advance for reaching out to me! I look forward to meeting you and helping you find that relaxation you've been craving!  serious inquiries ONLY.  I ask, kindly, that all correspondence remain professional and discreet.  I will not entertain or respond to messages that are lewd or disrespectful in any way. 


Preferred Method of Contact:

PLEASE  TEXT First then CALL FOR APPT. There are no long forms to fill out and my booking is non intrusive. 

ONLY Hygenic and Respectful ADULTS. 

White Plains, Rye, Scarsdale, Greenwich, Westchester. I'm very close to major parkways.